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Elliott Harrison (percussion)

Wim Pelgrims (percussion)

Maria Dominguez Perez (synthesizer)

Caterina Roberti (synthesizers)

Anna Sakham Jalving (violin)

Clara Levy (violin)


Long stretched American West Coast just intonation... In the work of Catherine Lamb, pre-recorded sounds of a tamtam and a metal plate are live filtered and edited by two synthesizers. The result is a 45-minute microtonal musical trip that takes you to the inside of the percussion instruments... Lamb's teacher, James Tenney, wrote his Postal Pieces in the late 1960s, a series of scores that fit a postcard. GAME will present a duo version of Having Never Written a Note for Percussion. Between all that we hear Giacinto Scelsi's monochrome sound universe, a kind of music that develops around a single note, in which it is difficult to distinguish the direction of each tone fluctuation.


Giacinto Scelsi: L’Âme Ailée
Played by Anna Jalving (violin)

Giacinto Scelsi: Arc-en-Ciel
Played by Clara Levy and Anna Jalving 

Giacinto Scelsi: l’Âme Ouverte
Played by Clara Levy (violin)

James Tenney: Having Never Written a Note 
for Percussion
Played by Elliott Harrison and Wim Pelgrims 

Catherine Lamb: Curvo Totalis
Played by, Caterina Roberti, Maria Domínguez
(synthesizers) Elliott Harrison and Wim 
Pelgrims (percussions)